At the end of a journey undertaken ten years ago, we introduce the new Barbaresco DOCG CN-111, produced from the Rosé clone in purity, whose scientific name is in fact CN-111. It is the fruit of our roots, planted deep in the Langa, and represents the desire to express the extraordinary potential of Nebbiolo in all of its various patterns.

In the 90s the market favored wines with more intense colors and flavors, and therefore interest in this variety had decreased. The Rosé biotype, on the other hand, has unique characteristics compared to the more typical Lampia and Michet: the wine has a delicate color, and a broad and penetrating aromatic spectrum on the notes of violet and rose, with curious nuances of spices and leather that emerge during the aging process.

Barbaresco DOCG CN-111 is a new interpretation of the Langa territory, which once again reaffirms the great expressive abilities of Nebbiolo and its chosen territory.

Parcella Merruzzano