Barbaresco Merruzzano Docg

Merruzzano is the second Me.GA by extension of the Barbaresco appellation. It reveals fine and noble tannins starting in its youth; it is marketed 3 years after the harvest.

Grape variety: Nebbiolo, Lampia sub-variety

Grapes origin: Merruzzano vineyard in Treiso (380/400 m asl).

Exposed to South and South East, with Guyot pruning (9-10 buds / vine)

Strains / Ha: 4500

Quantity of grapes / HA: 45/50 q / Ha

First planting year: 1992

Soft pressing, maceration with the skins for about 20-25 days in vats that allow for temperature control.

After racking, the wine is decanted into French oak tonneaux with a capacity of 500 liters where it matures for 10-15 months. 20% new wood.

Subsequently it refines for 4-6 months in the bottle before being put on the market.

300 bottles of 0.375 L

18000 bottles of 0.75 L

1000 Magnum of 1,5L

300 bottles of 3L

Parcella Merruzzano 2

Parcella Merruzzano Sud

Parcella Merruzzano Settevie

In the Cru Merruzzano we are owners of 4 parcels named as follows:

Merruzzano Settevie
South-East exposure
1.3 Hectares
Planting year 2010 and 2014

Merruzzano Cesca
Southern exposure
0.7 Hectares
Planting year 2005

Merruzzano Maccia
Southern exposure
0.7 Hectares
Planting year 2010 and 2018

Merruzzano Vigna Grande
Southern exposure
1.0 Hectares
Planted in 1992