Barbaresco Rongalio® Docg

Produced only in the best vintages from the oldest and most precious vineyard in the Meruzzano Mention, aged between 35 and 40 years. The soil is very rich in microelements such as iron and zinc and is often furrowed by veins of silt and clay, which give the wine a strong personality and a strong propensity for aging. Since the 2011 vintage, Rongalio barbaresco has been sold as a Riserva.

Grape variety: Nebbiolo, Lampia sub-variety

Grapes origin: Meruzzano Vigna Rongalio in Treiso (300 meters above sea level).

Soil: medium texture with good limestone richness.

South-West facing, with Guyot pruning (8-9 buds / vine).

Strains / Ha: 4500.

Quantity of grapes / HA: 50-60 q / Ha.

Planting year: 1991/1984

Soft pressing, maceration for 20-25 days at a controlled temperature of 28 ° for 2/3 of the grapes. Maceration for up to 40/45 days with the cap submerged for the remaining part.

24 months of aging in large barrels followed by at least 12 months in the bottle.


6500 bottles of 0.75 L

500 Magnum of 1,5L

50 bottles of 3L


Vigna Rongalio 

Cru Merruzzano, Vigna Rongalio

The Rongalio parcel, totaling 2 hectares, is vinified by separating the grapes into three different portions:

High part

Back, central part
Poor and dry soil.

Lower part
Richer and fresher soil.

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