I think of time in a positive way, without nostalgia; I love the memories, all of them.

Time and wine are rationality and magic; they are living with your eyes turned up to the sky, to observe the time; they are patience and maturity in waiting for changes in the weather.

I feel lucky to have an ever-changing job in which we must work to make a product that changes and improves.

Thus a certain number of bottles of the best vintages are kept to be offered again after a certain time: a challenge to understand and improve.

Gianni Abrigo

The project

The project called “TEMPO” is an integral part of the philosophy of the company and the Abrigo family, where “patience” and “maturity” represent fundamental values ​​of life, as well as of work.
A careful selection of bottles from the best vintages is kept and stored in the cellar, forming a concrete evidence of the aging capacity of the great wines of the Langhe. The wines are then offered again on the market, characterized by a shellac capsule, after a specific period of time that varies depending on the label.
At the moment, Barbaresco Docg Montersino and Barbaresco Docg Riserva Rongalio are part of the TEMPO project, which are marketed 10 years after their release on the market, and Langhe Bianco Doc Très Plus, which are marketed after 5 years.
It is an internal challenge, carried out with stubbornness to understand how the company’s best wines evolve over time, with a view to continuing to improve the work both in the vineyard and in the cellar.

Tempo® Labels

Barbaresco Montersino
Barbaresco Rongalio

Langhe Tres Plus