Nebbiolo d’Alba Valmaggiore

The vineyards of this famous cru of Roero are not very productive and located on very steep and sandy hills which require the management of the vineyard to be “All by hand”, without the aid of machines and tractors. It is therefore hard work, done for pure passion in order to obtain a wine of great character.

Grape variety: Nebbiolo, Lampia sub-variety

Grapes origin: Valmaggiore in Vezza d’Alba (180-240 meters above sea level)

Soil: sandy and loamy.

South-West facing, with Guyot pruning (6-8 buds / vine)

Vines / Ha: 8000: dense planting 80 cm between the plants and 1.40 between the rows.

Quantity of grapes / HA: 50-60 q / Ha. yield per hectare in Hl: 38-40

Planting year: 1970-1990

Soft pressing, maceration in the presence of the skins for about 6-10 days at a maximum temperature of 28 ° C.

After racking, the wine is decanted into 25 Hl oak barrels where it matures until the following autumn when it is bottled.

10000-13000 bottles of 0.75 L

500 Magnum of 1,5L

50 bottles of 3L

Parcella Valmaggiore

In Valmaggiore we are owners of 3 parcels, named as follows:

Valmaggiore 1
1.2 Hectares
South, South East, South West exposure

Valmaggiore Giuseppe
0.7 Hectares
South, West exposure

Valmaggiore Madonna
0.8 Hectares
Southern exposure

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