The Barbaresco Docg

All of our wines are the result of the separate vinification and aging of each single parcel within the cru and the subsequent selection of only the best batches.

Barbaresco Meruzzano Docg

Barbaresco Montersino Docg

Barbaresco Rongalio® Docg Riserva


Barbaresco Meruzzano Docg

Barbaresco Montersino Docg

Barbaresco Rongalio® Docg Riserva


Cru e Me.GA of Barbaresco

In France they are cru, in Italy Me.GA, or Additional Geographical Mentions. In the Barbaresco area, 66 have been delimited and regulated. Our two – Montersino and Meruzzano – are located in the municipality of Treiso, the part of the territory with the highest elevation in the entire area. Our lands where Nebbiolo is grown occupy the only exposure at noon and are white, rich in limestone, harsh and steep, often furrowed by deep gullies.


The Hills

The line of hills labels represents our wines born from the selection of the best grapes of the company

Nebbiolo d’Alba Valmaggiore

From a very steep vineyard in this sub-area of ​​the roero, not reachable by cars and with a very particular sandy territory.

Barbera d’Alba Mervisano

From vineyards bordering the Barbaresco territory, with excellent soils and exposures. Important Barbera with great aging potential.

Langhe Rosso Livraie

Wine born to exploit the potential of the Langa terroirs. 100% Merlot grapes from a well exposed steep vineyard. Structured wine with great aging potential.

Langhe Bianco Tres Plus

Wine composed of a blend of 80% Chardonnay and 20% Nascetta, aged in steel and wood to create a harmonious cuveé that expresses itself best after several years of bottle aging.

Sauvignon D’Amblè

Denomination of varietal wine for this unusual sauvignon. Deliberately structured and intense but also deliberately refined elegance at the expense of the typical aroma of sauvignon.

The Bunches

This line of labels represents our wines obtained from the assembly of grapes from all the company’s vineyards.

Langhe Nebbiolo Settevie

Combination of the Nebbiolo grapes in the Settevie area and of the grapes from the young vineyards of Barbaresco. A 5-10% of barbera complete this wine.

Barbera d’Alba Rorreto®

Barbera obtained from the vineyards in the locality of cascina roreto and from young vines that do not contribute to the Mervisano barbera.

Dolcetto d’Alba Dell’Erto

From the Erto vineyards, adjacent to the cellar, this dolcetto ages only in steel.

Moscato d’Asti

Aromatic sparkling wine, composed of the must from Muscat and a part of grapes harvested in over-ripening.